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Patch Notes


Season V of PocketPinas Factions Builds Based on Lores

History of PocketPinas

PocketPinas is a Philippines Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server founded by Lentou on May 14, 2017.

PocketPinas is Formerly PocketJeepney and EntityMC, Since the Dev inspires on PinoyCraft Java Edition, The Dev host his first version of PocketPinas at LEET hosting.
The Dev learns how to code step by step, until the Dev knows basic codes such as If Else Condition etc. PocketPinas is also known as PCP for alias name.

How to Play?

PocketPinas is a Hybrid Theme Server. Meaning, PocketPinas is All in One Server. Like Other Servers, PocketPinas have Plots, Factions, Prisons in only One Server!

Townie Hub [Lobby]

Townie is The Main Spawn for PocketPinas, You can choose either you enter to Plots or Factions or Play Games like Duels, Etc.

Factions [Town]

Factions is a Survival Theme but a Raidable Gamemode
All You Need to do is to Make A Base and Keep your Items from your designated Chest.
Beware at Raiders! Keep Safe.

Skyblock [Sky]

Skyblock is a Survival Theme but on a island
All you need to do is to survive the island and make it bigger

Creative Plots [Plots]

Plots is a Creative Theme, Let your imagination build in Creative Plots
Dont worry, you cant cheat here or get items to faction because the Plots is protected by exploiters

Arcade Games [Arc] (Soon)

Arcade Games is a Fun Theme, You can play SkyWars or BedWars here made by Local Devs

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How to Top-up?
A: Go to Facebook Page of @PlayMCHosting for more Top-up Info

Q: How to Get a Gems?
A: Top-up at Facebook Page of @PlayMCHosting for more Top-up Info

Q: Are You Still Hiring Staffs?
A: We are not Hiring Staffs Anymore

Q: What's this server all about?
A: This Server is Hybrid Theme, Meaning You Can Play Plots and Factions in The Same Time

Q: How to report Hackers and Glitchers?
A: Just Report Us in Discord Server

Q: Is there a Refund if i have a Problem?
A: All issues / products are not refundable