What is PocketPinas?
More importantly what is Pinas?

PocketPinas, is a server made by Lentou. The goal is the same, to make the best server!
PocketPinas, is more like PinoyCraft Java Inspired Server. Implementing All in One Server for Pinoy Players.

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Features of PocketPinas
BE, a Philippines Server.

We boast of our high quality hardware for a non lag experience, custom plugins, custom builds, philippines historical spawn, games, and our worlds!

Our Server,
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Meet the staff, in
making your experience impeccable!

Main Owner / Dev: Hytlenz, Hosting Manager: RealCodeBreaker, Staff Crew: PCP Fam <3

Useful Sites, for server!

These sites will help us keep up the server, or help you progress in the server!
Please note some of these are partners servers!

Any Questions?

DM on Discord @Lentou#9094